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Improving Hospital Security Response Time

Improving Hospital Security Response Time

Like teams in most hospitals, hospital facilities and security staff work in environments where every second counts.

Instant Team Communication

When it’s critical to get the right resources to the right locations, instant team communication becomes a vital tool.

For example, when a patient is in the back of an ambulance on their way to the ER, with the right communications tools, the first responders can connect and communicate with the ER team. This way, the ER team can be mobilized and waiting when the ambulance and the critical patient arrive.

Improving Response Time

In order to improve response time, there needs to be a way to recognize that this situation exists, diagnose the actual problem, and measure response time.

Many hospital facilities and security teams tap into technology solutions such as video analytics and access control. For example, the staff at a control center can pre-open doors for urgent response because of an incident.

What is your hospital facilities and security staff doing to increase response time when every second counts? Share your thoughts in the section for comments below.

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