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Motorola R7 vs. The Motorola Ion: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Back in 2019, a teenager’s tweet broke the internet because it was sent from a Smart Refrigerator. Besides the hilarity, it tells us something about society and technology. We love apps, and they’re now on more devices than ever before.

How does this translate to two-way radios? The Motorola Ion is one of the latest, and it has access to the Google Play store. This two-way radio can now download any apps you need.

This isn’t a gimmick. It allows users to download everything from maps to barcode scanners.

But maybe the Motorola R7 is better suited to your business needs. This radio still has a screen for notifications but isn’t equipped with a touchscreen or apps. Instead, its focus is incredible voice technology and durability.

Is the versatile Motorola Ion or the durable Motorola R7 better for your business communications? Read on for a direct comparison of all their features to find out which will work best for your teams.

Motorola R7

Motorola R7

The Motorola R7 is a handheld radio with a classic keypad and screen. Its battery life is a staggering 28 hours, making it suited for use in any circumstance.

Crucially, it still has a push-to-talk (PTT) button for immediate communication. But the screen and keypad allow for more usability when time isn’t so tight.

The real draw of the radio though is its voice technology and durability. Here is how these and other features make it such a powerful tool.

Volume and Audio Quality

The R7’s stand-out feature is its unique volume control.

First of all, the radio on standard settings can reach 102 phons. That’s four times louder than shouting.

Not enough? No problem – it has an extra loud setting of 107 phons, or four times louder than a motorcycle at close range.

Intelligent Audio Monitoring

But volume in itself isn’t unique. Above and beyond is its intelligent audio monitoring. This technology listens to the background noise to automatically set the volume to an appropriate level.

In other words, it can jump up to 107 phons when you’re in a loud environment. But if you manage to step somewhere quiet mid-conversation, it will automatically drop the volume to a reasonable level. That means wherever you are, even on the move, your conversation stays at the perfect volume.

Motorola R7

Noise Suppression and Cancellation

Even in the loudest environments, you won’t hear your colleagues’ background noise. The R7 suppresses everything except your conversation.

Noise cancellation also applies to feedback. If needed, you can use your radio in tight spaces – right next to a colleague – as the R7 will cancel out radio feedback.

Durability for All Industries

Industries that benefit from this automatic volume control often operate in challenging environments. The Motorola R7 is durable enough for them all.

The radio is IP68 suitable; able to work 2 meters underwater for up to 2 hours. It even works under IP66 conditions – concentrated jet pressure. And its ports are rust and dust-resistant so water exposure doesn’t cause any damage over time.

The R7 can be relied on never to spark or cause a fire of any kind, even in hazardous environments.

It also meets military standards. Drop it over and over again, even onto concrete, then keep using it without issue.

The casing is both disinfectant and decontaminant proof; safe for long-term use by healthcare professionals.

Whether water, dust, or disinfectant is common in your facility, the R7 won’t let you down. It’s a robust and durable radio, despite its many modern features.

Simple Screen and Button Design

Challenging environments come with risks – risks that can lead to emergencies. That’s why the interface is still designed to be simple.

It has more features than a basic PTT handset, but these don’t get in the way of immediate communication. Rather, they enhance it.

There is no scrolling to look through endless messages. The screen displays all needed and immediate notifications in one place. Users only see what they need to see, when they need to see it.

This simple design is intuitive to use. It’s easy to teach and fast to learn, allowing everyone to get to grips with it quickly.

But it still has advanced features.

One of these is call playback. Users can check the details of a previous conversation by playing it back, instead of contacting a colleague a second time.

Best of all, the radio can connect to sensors across your facility. Users receive a notification whenever a sensor is triggered, enabling immediate action.

In a security setting, this could be an alert when a locked door opens. Or in a factory, it could be an alert on air quality or gas levels. Either way, the R7 keeps things simple while taking safety to the next level.

Motorola R7

Motorola Ion

The Motorola Ion has a battery life of 17 hours. This lasts a full shift, but won’t last longer than a day without charge.

However, that would be unnecessary, as this isn’t the radio for emergency situations. It’s designed instead to have unprecedented versatility.

The IP68 design means a variety of sites can use it without worrying about water exposure. And even dropping the screen directly onto concrete shouldn’t be a problem.

Its unique touchscreen, along with internet connectivity, means it can be used in ways no other radio can. But it still has the classic PTT button to keep communication simple. Here is how its variety of features optimize communication.

Versatile Interface

The first thing users will notice is the large touchscreen on the Motorola Ion. This interface connects to the Google Play store, providing access to endless apps.

For example, maps allow users to find and send locations for faster communication. Or virtual assistant apps can speed up your workload.

Barcode scanning apps take these possibilities to the next level. In a warehouse, users can scan items for instant inventory taking. Or at a stadium, users can scan tickets and talk to their team all on one device.

Built-In Rear-Facing Camera

These applications are only possible because of the integration of a camera. Apps that require a camera – such as barcode scanning – streamline processes. But video has even broader applications.

When dealing with a problem, users can photograph or video the issue to send to others. This could help a remote engineer, for example, find a solution to complex problems.

Even better, the Motorola Ion can live stream video. This allows users to get live feed video from any of location.

In more serious settings, like campus security, 74% of staff already use two-way radios. But with this technology, users could live stream a threat. It’s faster than explaining an escalating situation, allowing others to immediately grasp the issue.

Seamless Connectivity

The Motorola Ion connects to a radio network. But it is also WiFi and data enabled for its various internet capabilities. Barcode scanning, live streaming – none of it would be possible without this internet connection.

Connection to Other Networks

Just like the R7’s connection to sensors, the Ion can connect to various other devices. Sensors are one of the options. But the multimedia screen opens up more possibilities.

For example, use your Ion radio to connect to your live security camera footage. Monitor multiple areas at a time all while on the move.

WiFi to Data Transition

Even as you travel, the handsets stay connected. They are designed to seamlessly transition from WiFi to data networks when out of range. As far as users need to move, the unique network combination keeps them connected to the team.

Cloud-Based Updates

Internet connectivity further enables a cloud-based system. That means the handsets can be set up, updated, and managed remotely.

This saves time if and when a handset has an issue. The problem can be resolved over the internet, rather than needing an engineer to come to site.

As a result, downtime is slashed to next to nothing. Repairs and updates all happen remotely and instantly whenever possible.

Internet Security

But doesn’t this internet connection – especially over public networks – pose a risk?

It would, if the radios weren’t so advanced. All handsets have several layers of security. Use the radio over a public network without ever worrying that your data is compromised.

On top of this, the system uses real-time threat monitoring. It constantly checks the security of connections and whether outside parties are trying to gain access. Any risks are then immediately resolved.

Motorola Ion

Work With Motorola’s Highest-Tier Partner

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Best of all, we create a custom plan for you. Whether you want the R7, Ion, other radios, or a combination of them all, we can work out the best solution. And we’ll do so at an unbelievable price.

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