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Why the Motorola VB400 Body Worn Cameras Are Ideal for Security Professionals

2022 was the deadliest ever year for police violence, with nearly 100 people per month killed. In light of protests against this, many precincts adopted body cams.

These devices record encounters with civilians to ensure no misconduct occurs. They can also protect wearers from false allegations by providing real-time evidence. Studies have found they lead to up to 75% less use of force.

Even those outside of law enforcement can benefit from the technology. Body cameras for security professionals and healthcare workers similarly help keep them safe.

Which body camera is best for your organization?

Motorola VB400 body worn cameras are specifically designed to support emergency responses. Its advanced features allow users to focus on their work, sure that their body cam is supporting their efforts. Read on to learn more about its unique features, and how they can support your teams.


Advanced Recording Technology

Since the police protests of 2020, many areas have made body cameras mandatory for police. This led to a flood of new products to the market, ready to capitalize on new demand.

But many of these products are not truly designed with the wearer’s safety in mind. The video they provide may be low quality or not encrypted. This can worsen issues, creating more confusion further down the process.

Motorola VB400 body worn cameras stand out for their advanced video features. Here are four specific ways these cameras provide the best video evidence.

Video Quality

The VB400 uses a wide-angle lens to record as much context as possible for an incident. The camera also records in 1080p quality. This ensures that the footage makes clear exactly what happened.

Peer-Assisted Recording

Even with a wide-angle lens and high-quality recording, a recording may miss details. Especially in a fast-paced emergency situation, it’s better to have multiple viewpoints.

However, situations like that are the exact sort of high-stress moments in which users may forget to turn on their cameras. Additionally, some people may have had a helpful viewpoint of an unfolding situation but may only realize it after the fact.

To address these issues, the Motorola VB400 body worn cameras use peer-assisted recording.

This feature activates nearby body cams as soon as one starts recording. It can protect professionals in all lines of work.

In law enforcement, multiple video angles can make it much clearer who is at fault in an incident. A body cam could also capture helpful footage of a suspect that the officer didn’t notice at the time. This all contributes to better and safer work.

Healthcare security faces a similar problem.

In healthcare, incidents can escalate suddenly, as workers aren’t expecting a confrontation. In the panic, a user may forget to start their video. Peer-assisted recording activates all nearby cameras, providing context to these moments of crisis.

Pre-Record Feature

As we’ve explained, some users may forget to start their recordings in high-pressure situations. When lives are on the line, clicking a record button may be the furthest thing from their mind.

For this reason, the camera records a constant loop of video and audio. All record of this data is deleted after two minutes. But the most recent two minutes are always on file.

When the camera starts recording, those most recent two minutes aren’t deleted but added to the recording. Even if the record button wasn’t pressed at the start of the incident, this pre-recorded data should help to capture everything.

This is especially true because of peer-assisted recording. Two minutes of audio and video data from every camera in the vicinity is now available. This powerful data loop from multiple angles provides much-needed context to all recordings.

Video Encryption

Live streaming video is a powerful tool to keep people safe. It provides real-time information about unfolding situations.

However, streaming implies wireless connectivity. And any internet connection is vulnerable to compromise.

If video streaming wasn’t secure, those with bad intentions could hack into the connection. Hackers could use this information to gather sensitive data, such as the current locations of officers. In the wrong hands, this could lead to a dangerous encounter.

Motorola designed the VB400 knowing just how secure it had to be. All data – video and otherwise – is encrypted with several layers of security. This keeps body cam wearers safe from exploitation.

Practical Features

The best body cameras don’t just have outstanding video features. They’re also built on a solid base of connectivity. This ensures those who need to can always access the video to provide real-time support.


The VB400 is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

For workers who stay in set locations, such as security officers, their cameras can live stream over a local trusted WiFi network. For those on the move, their camera can jump between trusted WiFi networks and 4G as needed. Wherever they are, their camera keeps them connected to their teams.

Bluetooth connectivity supports further communication.

Users can program the camera can to connect to sensors or beacons for various reasons. For example, a security worker could connect to a sensor that monitors door locks. If someone opens a locked door when they shouldn’t, the camera will then start recording.

Other sensors include holster sensors. These Bluetooth connections trigger the camera to start recording as soon as a gun or taser is removed from a holster. This ensures cameras capture footage in situations where users may forget to start the recording.

GPS Tracking

In times of crisis, GPS can save valuable time. It allows those in charge of teams of people to see where everyone is at all times.

The VB400 is equipped with GPS tracking for this advantage. Whether you’re managing security workers or law enforcement officers, you know where everyone is at all times.

This further promotes safety. If someone is injured or loses their radio, they may not be able to communicate their location. And video footage alone may not be enough to discern where they are.

With GPS tracking, workers are never alone. In an emergency, their team can always find them.

GPS tracking also supports accountability, protecting officers and the public. Keeping track of their location can combat false allegations about where they were or what they did. Even when the camera isn’t recording, you can see where officers are, keeping an accurate record of their movements.

Battery Life

The VB400’s battery life lasts 12 hours of recording. That means it can last a whole shift between charges.

This eliminates the need for an inconvenient charging setup on the move. People on busy shifts don’t have to fuss with checking their battery level or charging mid-shift, but can focus on their work.

The shift-length charge also keeps lone workers safe.

For example, imagine a security professional monitoring an area alone at night. Usually, the shift is uneventful. But in the case of an incident, they know they’re connected to their team.

Those who can see security cameras can also see their body cam. So if they need any help, their team can respond as quickly as possible.

Robust Design

The best camera quality and battery life won’t do much if your camera can’t stand up to the rigor of security work. The best body cam should be robust and rugged, able to work perfectly in a variety of conditions. Here is how the Motorola VB400 body worn cameras are built to be durable enough for your teams.

Rugged and Intuitive

The body cam is built to military standards and has an IP67 rating. That makes it resistant to everything from dust to snow.

The camera will hold up in all weather conditions. Further, the large buttons are easy to find and use even through thick winter gloves.

The VB400 is also rugged enough for usual wear and tear like dings and drops. Users won’t have to change their behavior at all to adjust for protecting their camera. It becomes part of the uniform that wearers never need to think about.

Mounting Options

Depending on user preference, the camera has several mounting options, including:

  • Klick fast
  • Close fit
  • Quick release
  • Alligator clip

This allows wearers to choose how to mount their body camera. And the options make the VB400 compatible with every uniform.

Try Out VB400 Body Worn Cameras Today

Motorola VB400 body worn cameras provide the best support for security professionals. Their connectivity ensures teams can support each other with real-time viewing. And features like peer-assisted recording and pre-recording help to paint a complete picture.

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