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Motorola XPR3300e or CP200D? What Is the Best Two Way Radio?

The ability to transmit messages through the air isn’t modern technology. The process was discovered in 1892 when a Kentucky farmer shared sound using a wireless telephone. Today we think nothing of using a cell phone to stay in contact with others in our workforce.

Cell phone use is being dwarfed by two-way radios for workforce communication. The U.S. two-way radio market is a $7.8M industry in 2021, with expectations to hit $12M by 2028.

If you are in the market for a two-way radio system, compare the Motorola XPR3300e and the less expensive CP200d portable radio. Keep reading to learn everything you need to select the best model for your company. Whether construction, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, or any other industry, one of these is sure to fill your needs.

Two-Way Radio vs. Cell Phone

Why do you need to purchase two-way radios for your employees when everyone carries a cell phone? The answer is simple: cell phones are one-to-one communication devices. A two-way radio is a one-to-many communication device.

Two-way radios allow you to communicate with your entire team at one time. Team members can communicate with each other quickly and effectively.

Two-way radios also have a longer battery life than cell phones. This allows you to maintain contact with your workforce at a critical moment. They also provide reliable communication in areas where cell phone reception may not be available.

Motorola offers the best two-way radio for your business. Two-way radios have a longer battery life, eliminate costly cell phone plans, and are more rugged than cell phones. They work well in almost any industry and are faster and easier than cell phones.

Motorola CP200d Portable Radio

If you are looking for a solid, basic, two-way radio, the CP200d Portable Radio does the job. The two-way function with digital and analog technology meets users’ needs in every industry, including agriculture, manufacturing, security, and more.

You can select from voice-only portables to voice and data radios to keep your company working safely and efficiently. This radio provides a 40% longer battery life, more coverage, and superior audio at an affordable price. Combine that with great features and the ability to interrupt and prioritize communications, and you cant go wrong.

Analog and Digital

The CP200d is one of the market’s most popular Motorola two-way radios. With the ability to operate in both digital and analog models concurrently, you can integrate your current system gradually without communication issues.

You can purchase the system in analog-only now. When ready, buy a software upgrade for the digital transition. If your fleet is currently using the CP200 system, moving up to the CP200d is easy. It has the same features as the prior model and uses the same batteries and chargers.

The digital mode provides superior audio, doubles the channel capacity, and has a longer battery life. The CP200d system is easy to program in batches, giving error-free results and optimizing performance.

Motorola MotoTRBO Features

This two-way radio system allows you to interrupt transmissions. You can override current conversations, prioritizing critical messaging. This feature is essential in areas such as medical care, first responders, and any other work situation in an emergency.

Battery Life

The CP200d is powered by a Li-Ion battery with an average life of 12-14 hours. This is about 40% longer than the battery life of other leading radios. Your workforce can spend an entire day in the field without recharging or losing communications.

Quality Sound and Range

The digital noise-canceling software filters out background noise. The 4-Watt UHF and 5-Watt VHF allow sound to penetrate through floors, walls, and great distances.

The TX and RX clarity maximizes the talking range. With one of the loudest speakers of all similar units on the market, it provides optimal performance in high-noise environments.

The 2-slot TDMA DMR standard doubles the capacity of the 12.5 kHz channel without needing a repeater.

Rugged Design

The CP200d is splashproof and dustproof with an IP54 rating, making it an excellent choice for challenging environments. The two-way radio system has passed Motorolas Accelerated Life Test Program. This means survival of a simulated five years of hard service.

The Complete Package

The CP200d comes complete with the following:

  • Li-ion 2250mAh battery
  • Single unit 90-minute rapid rate charger
  • UHF or VHF antenna
  • 3 belt clip
  • Two-year warranty

The Radio management tool allows you to program your workforce radios in batches. This provides error-free results and optimized performance.


Accessories for Motorola CP200d

When purchasing accessories for your CP200d, make sure they carry the digital symbol. This symbol indicates that the item is optimized for analog and digital CP200d portable radios. This prevents an accessory from becoming useless if you later transition from analog to digital use.

When purchasing your CP200d, consider adding the following accessories:

  • Earpieces: 13 options available
  • Surveillance accessories: 5 options available
  • Remote speaker microphones: 3 options are available
  • Temple Transducer: rests on temples, providing clear audio without covering ears

The remote speaker microphones have four accessory options. 

Motorola XPR3300e Portable Two-Way Radio

Motorola has added some bells and whistles to its popular Motorola XPR3300. The new XPR3300e Series provides 12MB of RAM, twice that of the older model. Increased flash storage now provides 256 MB of space.

If that isn’t enough to capture your interest, this Motorola Moto TRBO digital radio has improved its range by 8%, allowing further reach than in the past. The rugged, durable design is IP68 rated, making it dust-tight and submergible in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes.

Battery Life

The low-voltage batteries are efficient, providing up to 28 hours of life between charges. This ensures your worker wont become unreachable. The extended battery life will keep them covered, even if working a triple shift.

Intelligent Audio

Intelligent audio is a worker’s dream. The volume automatically adjusts to background noise levels, so workers never miss a call due to loud noise. That same technology adjusts for quiet surroundings so others aren’t disturbed by a call.

Nothing on the market can beat this level of noise cancellation and audio quality.

Enhanced MOTOTRBO Applications

The MOTORBO safety features are state-of-the-art, allowing you to monitor and send emergency transmissions for team members in dangerous environments. To increase productivity, you can connect your MOTORBO two-way radios with existing analog models, cellular devices, and SIP telephone networks.

If your employee work environment requires team members to receive messages without alerting others, accessorize with a vibrating belt clip. This allows them to receive notifications of an incoming messages silently. This option is a wise choice for noisy environments.

Utilize system monitoring by planning for future upgrades and fleet expansion. Connecting your two-way radio system with your text messaging and company email streamlines your information flow to workers.

Work ticket management and voice dispatch allow you to effectively communicate work needs with your team, improving efficiency in the workplace. These features operate independently or in conjunction with an existing work management system.

Analog and Digital With Wi-Fi Capability

The XPR3300e provides the options of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It features data rates of up to 8 Mbps and Wi-Fi connectivity to networks using WPA, WPA2, or WEP.

Bluetooth audio allows you to talk without wires, while Wi-Fi lets you download software updates, keeping you current on the latest technology.

The instant push-to-talk capability lets you connect with your entire team simultaneously. If a worker is non-responsive, you can remotely activate the radio to check on their status. If a radio becomes lost, you can remotely disable it, preventing communication outside your selected workforce.

You can operate your radio in both analog and digital modes. Accessories may be attached and detached without any additional tools.

The Complete Package

All XPR3300e radios include the following:

  • Li-ion 1650mAh Battery IP68
  • IMPRES single-unit charger
  • VHF or UHF or antenna
  • Accessory dust cover
  • Belt clip

When purchasing, select the proper model for analog or digital connectivity. If you have existing radios, compare the model number on the back of your radio with the one you are ordering.

Accessories for Motorola XPR Radios

When purchasing Motorola portable radios for your business, ensure you have the accessories to work effectively in your industry.

Each accessory has benefits making it ideal for your particular work environment. When purchasing your XPR3000e radio, consider adding the following:

  • Antennas: 16 options available
  • Remote speaker microphone: 3 options available
  • Surveillance accessories and earpieces: 7 options available
  • Mag One accessories: 3 options available
  • Headsets: 5 options available
  • Batteries: 5 options available
  • Chargers and Reconditioners: 7 options available
  • Carry solutions: 24 options available

By combining your XPR3000e with the best accessories on the market, you increase the product’s efficiency, increasing your workforce’s productivity.

What Is the Best Two-Way Radio?

Both the Motorola XPR3300e and Motorola CP200d are excellent workforce choices. The best two-way radio provides all the options you need in the present and as your company grows.

To learn more about selecting a two-way radio, contact EMCI Wireless. We are a leading Florida Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, with locations in Sebring and Fort Pierce, Florida.

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