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Utilizing Communication Technology to Enhance the Transportation Industry

13 million trucks are on the road across the US. 2.9 million of those trucks have tractor-trailers, many doing long-distance hauling. 

The transportation industry is one that did not take long to realize the benefits of communication technology. In fact, long-haul trucking may have even been one of the industries that pushed the technology’s popularity forward.

Truckers rely significantly on the ability to communicate efficiently. They need information about where they’re going next and to keep their dispatch updated on their current location.

Outside of long-haul trucking, the general transportation industry has benefitted in numerous ways from two-way radios. Communication technology has brought about new avenues for enhancing the transportation industry, including safety.

Read on to learn more about how communication technologies are helping improve the transportation industry.

What Is the Transportation Industry?

It’s estimated that about 1.2 million trucking companies are in the US. They help to employ many of the 3.5 million truckers out on the roads hauling goods. 

The transportation industry includes all those entities in the US busy hauling goods. This includes:

  • Air
  • Rail
  • Water
  • Trucking

Most of the transportation industry is focused on trucking, which is where we’ll focus today.

The trucking industry moves goods throughout the US by using the transportation infrastructure. 

You might know that roads and highways are a part of that infrastructure. But how these trucks communicate with their employers and each other is also an essential part of the trucking infrastructure

How Can Communication Technology Impact the Transportation Industry?

This trucking infrastructure relies on communication technology to stay connected. This industry, post-Covid shutdowns, is under tremendous pressure to speed up the delivery of goods. 

So, many suppliers are struggling to get the goods they need. This places more importance and pressure on the trucking industry to perform. 

Options for communication technology are crucial to helping this industry keep up with the demands it’s facing. Whether that’s an open-road trucker carrying a load cross-country or a truck delivering a series of deliveries in the city or town near you.

The drivers can communicate back with dispatchers and do it safely while complying with safety laws. 

Why You Need New Communication Solutions

If you already have trucks on the road, you might wonder why you need new communications solutions. 

Could you continue using cell phone technology? The reality is that when you switch to a two-way radio system, you get more options. There’s better communication and features that help support the trucking work you’re doing. 

What does an upgraded two-way radio system offer you?

  • Voice quality communication capabilities no matter the coverage area
  • Ability to reduce background noise to improve communications
  • Integration with other networks and systems, including dispatch, personnel, and vehicle location systems
  • Indoor and outdoor GPS systems for better accountability for both employees and equipment
  • Long battery life compared to cell technology
  • Increased security, especially for workers on the road alone
  • Equipment built to withstand tough working conditions, including rain and dirt, while still having an extended lifespan
  • Encryption capabilities for security

The reality is that a state-of-the-art two-way radio system actually reduces redundancy for all communication needs. 

Real Transportation and Logistics Solutions

You already know the tremendous pressure for your transportation fleet to perform. Supply shortages and employee shortages have only increased the pressure to get goods where they’re needed more quickly.

Your method of communication mustn’t act as a distraction for your drivers, creating unsafe driving conditions. 

So, how can the right communications technology help your drivers get the job done, stay connected, and be safe simultaneously? Let’s take a closer look at what a sound communication system offers. 

Delivery Operation and Fleet Management

If you manage a fleet of trucks, the importance of managing it and ensuring it has up-to-date information can’t be overstated. 

Fleet technology allows you to put communications solutions in your vehicles. So they have the best data and information available in the truck.

Ultimately, this increased availability of information and communication options for drivers makes meeting your customers’ needs and addressing their demands easier to accomplish.

Real-time information is power for your transportation fleet.

Warehouse Distribution

There is great power in communication. Imagine when your trucking fleet is connected directly with the warehouse and distribution center. 

This type of communication helps to facilitate and:

  • Streamline pick up and drop off
  • Automate your processes
  • Manage risk
  • Respond to customers quickly and efficiently

Whether workers gathering materials inside the warehouse or working out on loading docks, the two-way radios allow for updated communication with the truck carrying the goods.

It also allows those in your organization to provide up-to-the-minute customer updates about their orders. 

Workplace Security and Safety

Yes, moving goods is essential and a priority to stay functioning as a successful business. Ultimately, your highest priority should be the safety and security of your teams working for you.

With strong communications solutions in place, your drivers and the workers who support them will be safer. 

The ability to stay connected with drivers on the road in real time is huge in monitoring their security. If they need help or something goes wrong, they can connect with you immediately.

Customized Systems for Your Transportation and Communication Needs

We understand that every trucking company is different and therefore has unique needs and demands. When considering a communication system for your transportation team, it can be completely customized to fit your needs. 

You’re not buying things you don’t need. You’re also not missing out on potential kinds of support for your business that could help you enhance communications.

Two-Way Radios

The first and most important part of your communications system is the two-way radios you want to get into the hands and equipment of your users. 

These two-way radios offer users the ability to have:

  • Crystal clear communications
  • Integrated voice operations
  • Data capabilities

The way to start with your two-way radios successfully is to ensure you have them in all the places where you want to be connected. From your distribution office to workers’ belts to the insides of your trucks, get the radios in the hands of your team for enhanced communication.

Communication Accessories

There are a host of two-way accessories to enhance and even improve the user’s experience. This is dependent on the user and how they’re using the radio for communication.

Two-way radio accessories might include:

  • Two-way radio headsets
  • Radio Unit chargers
  • Motorola two-way speaker mic
  • Two-way radio antennas
  • Two-way radio cases
  • Two-way radio batteries

Two-way radios offer excellent sound quality and capabilities. This list of accessories makes the user experience with two-way radios even more efficient and useful.

Dispatch Communications

If you have a fleet of trucks out on the road, you also need one centralized location to communicate information to this team of drivers. 

You can account for their location, progress, and safety all from a single dispatch interface that works with the two-way radios. 

Dispatch communications can work at dispatching, voice recording, GPS, and camera monitoring, all from one central location.

Most dispatch communication centers even allow you to connect several radio networks simultaneously for optimal communication capabilities. 

Alert Systems

Some businesses need to be able to alert their team with instant notifications for safety and fast, instant communications. 

Two-way radio systems can also come with the ability to send alert notifications through the system. 

Say you have drivers on the road and severe inclement weather is about to put them in danger; you can send a notification.

Maybe traffic or a road condition arises, and you want your drivers abreast of the situation before they’re in the thick of it. You can send an alert notification.

Nationwide Push-To-Talk

Push-to-talk technology means that a driver on the road or worker in the warehouse simply touches a button on their radio and can communicate. Imagine the implication of these improvements for safety that brings to the transportation industry. 

Now, imagine having two-way radios in your trucks all over the state or the country and still being able to touch a button to communicate that easily.

Nationwide push-to-talk technology is available in two-way radio communications.

FCC Licensing

You know the importance of having your trucks follow the laws and comply with all trucking regulations. You might be surprised to learn that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires a license for two-way radio communication. 

Don’t let this idea be intimidating or prevent you from considering this option for communications. 

As a two-way radio dealer, we can assist in the process of getting you the correct FCC license, so you are communicating legally.

Customized Installations and Repairs

When you create a customized two-way radio system, you want to know you have the proper tech support to come with it. 

You should expect that you’ll get customized installations for your systems in all the places where they’ll be used. This should happen whether that’s in your dispatch center or in your trucks. 

While these radios are built to last and can handle their fair share of harsh working conditions, sometimes things decide not to work properly. You should know you’re also getting the support to address problems if they arise. 

Benefits of a Two-Radio System for the Transportation Industry

You know that you need your trucks moving and getting goods where they need to go and on time. But you also see the need for communication with these trucks while they’re out on the road. 

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of investing in communications technology. This includes a two-way radio system for your transportation team.

Streamline Distribution

You know that you might start the day feeling like you have control, but soon things can get crazy. You have the warehouse calling. Customers want to know when they’re getting their delivery. 

You have drivers all over out on the road.

You can streamline distribution. All these parties, customers aside, can communicate simply and efficiently. 

Increase Efficiency

Let’s face it, with many trucks on the road and loads being delivered; there are many moving parts to a transportation system. 

Two-way radio communications increase efficiency for all parties. You have a question, and you can get an immediate answer. The plan changes for a shipment, and your driver knows immediately.

Ease of Communication

Two-way radios are not just efficient, but they are also easy to use. They are easy to get into the hands of all of your team, so there’s total communication capability between all parties. 

Push-to-talk technology makes communication as simple as pushing a button. Add-in appropriate accessories, and you’re customizing even more for each user. 

Compliance With Safety Laws

The use of two-way radios ensures that your method of technology abides by safety laws and regulations. 

With this type of communications technology, you integrate safety, efficiency, and productivity for your trucking team. This allows your trucking to have connectivity across devices, networks, and locations for maximum efficiency and safety, too.

Product Support

When you invest in communication technology, including two-way radios accessories, and a dispatch center, you should expect top-notch product support. 

This should include everything from helping you to design a custom system, installation, and then product support once you’re using the system. 

Communication Technology in the Transporation Industry

The right communications technology for your trucking and transportation company can change and improve the way you communicate. Added efficiency and safety will be at the top of the list. Your trucking team will appreciate the push-to-talk technology available at their fingertips. 

If you’re ready to get your team set up with the best in communications technology, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about how two-way radio technology is right for you.