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What Are the Best Motorola Radio Accessories?

Your team probably already knows the importance of their ability to communicate through their two-way radios. Studies have found that solid communication in the workplace can improve productivity by as much as 25%.

Conversely, a study found that poor communication is responsible for 70% of business errors. 

So, using Motorola radios most effectively is important for communication and your business. Motorola is one of the most popular brands for two-way radios, accessories, and equipment used to make them more user-friendly.

Using Motorola radio accessories and the radios they work with allows owners of mobile operations and fleets to stay connected wherever they go. Whether you drive a delivery truck or fleet vehicle, operate as a field worker, or work with other teams, you need radios.

Keep reading to learn about the best Motorola two-way radio accessories.


Motorola Brand Two-Way Radios

Whether you use your Motorola radio for work communication, to communicate out on the filed, or communication in a rural area, it’s no secret Motorola makes the best two-way radios on the market. 

There’s a wide range of Motorola radio options depending on how you’re using the radio and even where. Motorola has been able to advance its radio technology to perform in ways cell phones can not. 

The radios become even more specialized when you add accessories to them. They have more capability and works even more effectively. 

Not only is there a wide range of radios depending on your unique needs, but there are also even more accessories. 

As you consider Motorola accessories for the radio, it’s important that you make sure you’re getting an accessory that works with your type of radio.

Some of the accessories discussed here will be in general terms because Motorola makes a host of options in that accessory to meet the specs of a particular type of radio. 

When buying accessories, be sure it works with your Motorola radio model. Let’s take a look at some of the best accessories you should consider. 

Surveillance Earpieces for Motorola Radios

Many use Motorola two-way radios in the field of security, public safety, and surveillance. If you use your radio for this purpose, one accessory you can’t go without is a surveillance earpiece. 

There are several options for discreet earpiece that are small and stealthy, allowing optimal user discretion. 

Some of these surveillance earpiece kits comes with twin wires and has the capability to connect with multiple radio models, including the BPR40Dthe CP185, the CP200D, and the VL50.

You want a surveillance earpiece with inline push-to-talk capabilities, allowing more discreet communication.

Whether you have a digital or analog radio, a surveillance earpiece is an essential accessory for security and undercover operations.

Discreet Earpieces for Surveillance

If you work in the surveillance world, you want a discreet earpiece that allows for continuous communication through the Motorola radio. 

One option is the pellet-style earpiece. Like its name, it’s small and discreet while being comfortable for the user who needs to wear it for long periods of time.

Another option is the Ultra-Lite earpiece. Users appreciate its lightweight stature while still offering the boom microphone and inline Push-to-Talk capabilities. 

The D-Style Earset is another popular surveillance earpiece option. For the user who wants an earpiece that’s both sleek, elegant, and comfortable to wear. It features:

  •  Hands-free communication 
  • A flexible boom microphone
  • Inline push-to-talk button with built-in VOX switch 

Some users appreciate a flexible ear loop outside of the ear, making it feel more secure in the ear. If this is you, you’ll like the Flexible Ear Receiver.

Motorola Two-Way Radio Headsets

One of the most widely used accessories for radios is the two-way radio headset

These headsets allow users to transmit and receive communications through them while also working to protect the hearing of the user. 

These Motorola radio headsets come in several models, including:

  • Lightweight headset
  • Medium Weight headset
  • Heavy Duty headset

Each option features over-the-head use and is capable of various Motorola radios. The option you choose will depend on the environment you plan to wear them in and how much noise-canceling capability you need. 

Sound Reducing Headsets

There’s also one type of specialty headset for environments with excessive background noise, and the wearer needs ear protection. 

If you work in manufacturing, warehouse, fire, or police safety, you might want headsets that protect your ears from excessive sounds, like a Dual-Muff tactical headset. These headsets feature:

  • Two microphones on the outside of earcups
  • Suppressed harmful sounds to safe levels
  • 5-time amplification of low sounds 
  • On/off volume control on earcups
  • Replaceable ear seals 

Users also appreciate the coiled 3-foot cord that comes with the sound-reducing headset.

Motorola Radio Unit Chargers

Aside from poor communication, dead radios with no communication are a problem. When does this happen? When radios are left uncharged and lose their ability to communicate because they have no power. 

Motorola has thought this through, too. They feature Motorola unit charging stations. This allows you to charge multiple radios from your fleet all at the same time.

Of course, you can get single-unit charges on a desk for charging when not in use. 

The multi-unit chargers have the ability to charge six radios simultaneously, all within three hours. 

Motorola Two-Way Speaker Mics

Another of the best Motorola accessories for your radio is the Motorola two-way speaker mic. 

As mentioned in the headsets, many users work in loud environments. Effective communication can be challenging if your work environment has significant background noise. 

Speaker mics help users to communicate more effectively. Most models come with a volume switch and long cable connections. 

You can expect clear and crisp communications no matter the background noise while using the speaker mic.

Motorola’s APX Mission Critical Wireless Portfolio

If you work in public safety, you will appreciate the wireless portfolio of products available for Motorola, including headphones and earpieces. 

They work with important Bluetooth technology to help workers like first responders have easy and reliable communication. This includes the ability of:

  • Enhanced security
  • Quick pairing between accessory and radio
  • Push-to-talk (PTT)

Another important feature of the APX accessories is encrypted voice communication, making the interactions private and secure. 

Motorola’s Remote Speaker Microphones (RSMs) 

In the world of public safety, think fire and police, sometimes they need to have communication capabilities without removing the microphone from its carry case or belt. 

Motorola’s Remote Speaker Microphones (RSMs) provide the important capability for two-way communication that’s still hands-free for the user. 

RSM units should come with the following:

  • A loudspeaker
  • Microphone
  • Push-To-Talk button (PTT) ability

All these features should be in a compact device that the user can clip to them or in a case for ease of communication.

More advanced RSM units offer some additional capabilities, programmable and emergency buttons. When used, these functions allow the user to access the following quickly:

  • Volume controls for incoming audio
  • An audio jack for an earpiece

These features allow the user to have communication that’s discreet and not open to public listening. 

Motorola Two-Way Radio Antennas

Like any other communication device, the two-way radio is impacted by external sources, which can impact connectivity. It could be a weather issue of the nearby terrain negatively impacting communication. 

The bad news is that you don’t want to find out you’re out of range with your radio when you need it most. One way to increase your radio’s range is by adding an antenna to your radio. 

Here are some antenna options to consider, each with different features. Be sure to assess your needs and the Motorola radio you use when choosing. Some options include:

  • Flexible Whip Antennas
  • Stubby Antenna
  • Heliflex Antennas
  • Frequency Band
  • Integrated GPS

Generally speaking, your range will increase as the size of your antenna increases, too.

Motorola Two-Way Radio Cases

While most who use a two-way radio for work need it close by, they also often need their hands free. Motorola has created Motorola Carry Solutions for anyone who needs their hands radio-free. 

Motorola has carry cases for the radio you carry. These are made from durable leather and ready to handle the harsh work conditions you’re in regularly. 

Most cases come in various sizes, big enough to hold your radio or radio and battery, too. 

Motorola Two-Way Radio Batteries

A battery is one of the most important accessories to have for your Motorola radio. Sure, Motorola radios come with strong and reliable batteries. 

Yet, your radio is useless if you don’t have a charged battery when you need it. It’s worth investing in a backup Motorola battery because it lasts longer than other brands and provides the necessary reliability. 

Since many radios are used under adverse conditions, Motorola also ensures their batteries are hazard free and ready to work in your radio for a long time. 

Motorola Control Station Accessories

Another worthy accessory allows your portable radio to convert to a base station radio. 

This accessory has your two-way radio mount into a lightweight, portable chassis. This contains:

  • Front panel control buttons
  • Internal microphone
  • Speaker
  • Power supply

The control station also allows for other external audio accessories to connect to it. These might include a desk microphone, DC remote adapter, or a telephone.

Not all two-way radios have the capability to connect to a control station accessory, so be sure to check your model.

Motorola Commercial Radio Installation and Mounting Accessories

Since so many Motorola radios are used in the work world, from construction, manufacturing, and industry to many public safety arenas, they are often used in vehicles. 

Some important accessories that some might not consider are installation and mounting accessories. While they might not be as flashy as a new headset, they help secure radios in the vehicle and keep them in place and ready when needed. 

Some accessories you might want for installation and mounting include:

  • Low-Profile Mounting Bracket
  • High-Profile Mounting Bracket
  • Key Lock Mount
  • Three-Point Low Band Mount
  • Direct In Dashboard Mounting Kit
  • Remote Mounting Kits
  • Programming Cables
  • Remote Mounting Cables

These accessories allow for in-vehicle radio usage while still maintaining safety for the driver and passenger. 

Public Safety Radio Accessories

It’s worth mentioning the important work done by Motorola’s public safety radio lineup. The APX P25 mission-critical two-way radio series is a star in the public safety community for communication. 

In that vein, it’s worth mentioning that the Apx P25 mission-critical two-way radios also have a list of important accessories that enhance their capabilities.

Some options include:

  • Remote speaker microphones
  • IMPRES smart battery and charger solutions 
  •  Public Safety battery
  • Charger
  • Audio accessory
  • Carry case
  • Antenna

These accessories, all made specifically for the APX public safety line,  are designed, tested, and certified to provide the best performance.

Why It’s Smart to Use Motorola Brand Accessories

Once you start looking at accessories for your Motorola radios, you’ll quickly notice the wide range of options and brands. 

There’s a reason Motorola has the best radios on the market. They keep advancing their technology and building them well. The same can be said for Motorola accessories

Many users find they’re most satisfied when looking for Motorola radio accessories to stick with the Motorola brand, even though some others might be compatible or less costly. 

Users find that the Motorola accessories are well made, have good sound quality, and are overall worth the investment. 

Optimize Your Radio Use With Motorola Radio Accessories

Your Motorola radio can be a real workhorse for reliable communication. When you add some of these Motorola radio accessories, your radio will have enhanced features and capabilities. 

If you want to check out options in accessories for your Motorola radio, we can help. We have a wide inventory of the accessories you need and want. Check out our accessories page for more information on our accessories inventory for Motorola radios.